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Ramya Shankar is an International artist, dynamic and versatile Carnatic jazz vocalist, rooted in the rich traditions of Carnatic music. Born into a family of musicians, she was introduced to the enchanting world of music at the tender age of 4. Her journey began with rigorous training in Carnatic vocal music under the guidance of eminent gurus, where she honed her classical prowess and developed a deep understanding of intricate ragas and talas. She received rigorous training under renowned gurus Uma Bhagawan and Saroja Natarajan. Notably, Saroja Natarajan was a fierce musician/vocalist and the student of Araikudi Ramajujam Iyengar, a prominent figure in the Carnatic music tradition. Later on, she received training one season from trailblazer violinist Smt.Kanyakumari and continues to train under Srikanth Mallojosulya with whom she also collaborated on an Indian Jazz platform. Ramya is also a member of the Recording Academy.

As her passion for music grew, Ramya embarked on a quest to explore diverse musical genres and embrace innovation. Fascinated by the expressive nature of jazz, she delved into the world of improvisation and harmony, after attending the California Jazz Conservatory and later on the Stanford Jazz program learning under renowned jazz vocalist/pianist Dena DeRose, blending it seamlessly with her Carnatic roots. This fusion of traditional and contemporary styles became the hallmark of her unique and soul-stirring performances.

Throughout her career, Ramya has had the privilege of collaborating with distinguished musicians, including P.A. Deepak, who she frequently collborates with (who is renowned as A.R. Rahman's sound engineer). Additionally, her collaborations with Grammy-winning artists and imminent Bay Area jazz musicians such as Peter Barshay, Frank Martin have added further recognition to her musical career. She has also collaborated with Carnatic Jazz Saxophonist Prasant Radhakrishanan.

Ramya's distinctive voice and remarkable ability to seamlessly transition between Carnatic and jazz elements have garnered her widespread acclaim and recognition. Her emotive renditions and soulful explorations have captivated audiences across the globe, leaving them mesmerized by the sheer depth and versatility of her artistry



Ramya's authentic musical style

An International Inspirational Artist, Ramya Shankar has earned her reputation as a talented and desired vocalist. With a haunting and a captivating voice, Ramya Shankar continues to touch fans around the world with her distinct and enjoyable musical style. Rooting her vocal training of 25 years in  traditional indian classical music, jazz and her passion for meditative sounds, Ramya's music can be best described as music with purity and soul that is set out to express intangible realities such as the unconscious and the self. Placing her trust in simple arrangements and subtle variations, her music is a new creative language based on expressive possibilities of sound. Her hope is to move the listener and to experience what he has not seen, but has known forever inside.

A Story Steeped in Sound. A Passionate Artist.
From the age of 4, Ramya was singing, performing, and playing a variety of instruments. Throughout the course of her musical career, Ramya has won over the hearts of music lovers from all walks of life; performing at a variety of venues, all the while recording new music. Music has the power to transport us to another time and place. Ramya loves to harness that power with a broad audience of fellow music lovers and passionate musicians alike. With over twenty five years of classical indian vocal training and her love for sounds, Ramya's haunting voice mixed with the power of emotions enthralls her fans as they experience emotions one struggles to feel otherwise. Her minimalistic approach to music is a way of clearing her's and her audience's mind of detaching from what is on the outside and get in touch with intangible realities.

Sound Healer/Therapist

Ramya Shankar is a certified Sound Healer / Therapist who uses the powerful effects of sound/music (frequencies/rhythms/timbre/ragas) — to facilitate wellness; including the emotional, psychological, spiritual, physical, social, mental being.

Music Educator

Ramya is the Founder/Artistic director of a music organization called "Mukti Music" . For information on the school, check out the school here.

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